Branding Opportunities Include:

  • Adding your corporate logo and messaging to our previously published books

  • Working with our team to create original books from initial concepts to finished products

Our company has a proven track record of writing, illustrating and printing books, maintaining economical budgets and delivering finished products within 10 month timelines.


How Does it Work?

  • We collaborate with you to develop the creative idea

  • Tish Rabe writes the story

  • We identify, hire and art direct the illustrator who's perfectly suited for your story

  • We provide a dedicated sponsorship page for your brand messaging and identity, plus we provide space for your logo on the back cover

  • Once the final book design is approved by you and Tish Rabe Books, we handle all printing and delivery

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Would your company or organization like to partner with Tish Rabe Books to reach children and families?

Our Partnerships


Clarity 2 Prosperity, a family-focused financial planning company, wanted to create a book for children that would introduce them to different ways of managing money.


Tish Rabe Books convened a panel of teachers, principals and school librarians and discovered there was a definite need in the marketplace for a book to help kids learn how to earn, save, spend and give.


Days Can Be Sunny for Bunnies and Money was designed for first and second graders and as Jason L. Smith, Founder and CEO of Clarity 2 Prosperity says, “Tish Rabe Books helped us achieve our goals- and more!”


“To build on the success of The Bucket Plan, a proven process to help individuals achieve their financial goals in retirement, we wanted to create a book to help kids begin to learn how to manage money. Tish Rabe and Tish Rabe Books helped us achieve our goals – and more!”

– Jason L Smith, Founder & CEO, Clarity 2 Prosperity,

Sweet Dreams generic cover.jpg

Pajama Program, a national non-profit that promotes comforting bedtime routines, was looking for a way to get information to parents and caregivers to help them get their children ready for sleep.


Tish Rabe Books created Sweet Dreams Ahead Time for Bed, a gentle, rhyming storybook parents can read to their children which includes helpful tips to make bedtime easy and enjoyable for everyone.


Pajama Program is now using this book in their home family visits. Their staff reads the book to the children and shares the tips with their parents. Parents, caregivers, children and teachers love this book!


Available in Spanish


“Our Pajama Program team was delighted to partner with Tish Rabe Books to create Sweet Dreams Ahead Time for Bed, a children’s book that supports our mission of promoting and supporting a comforting bedtime routine and healthy sleep to help children thrive. This lovely, rhyming storybook is accompanied by beautiful illustrations and parent tips designed to help families get their children ready for sleep.”

– Carol Ripple, Chief Program Officer, Pajama Program,

Have a project in mind, or want to learn more about how to partner with Tish Rabe Books?