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Sweet Dreams Ahead Time for Bed

A rhyming book and lullaby to help children get ready for sleep that includes tips for parents and caregivers to make getting ready for bed easy and enjoyable for everyone.

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Love You, Hug You, Read to You is an adorable board book featuring gentle, rhyming text by Tish Rabe and charming illustrations by award-winning artist, Frank Endersby. The book includes questions caregivers can ask their children to get them more engaged in the story and help them learn to read. They're encouraged to let their children turn the pages, point to the pictures, hug, kiss and chew this book!

¡Te amo, te abrazo, leo contigo! is a bi-lingual book written in both Spanish and English. Studies have shown that asking children's questions about what's happening in a book helps them learn to read faster than if they just sit and listen to a story so this book features interactive questions in both languages. It also offers the opportunity for Spanish speakers to learn English and English speakers to learn Spanish!

For the first time in Little Golden Books, a grandma story!
A four-year-old boy narrates this sweet rhyming story about how fun it is to visit his grandma. Together they walk on the beach, garden, wave at trains, and bake! At the end of the day, they watch the stars twinkling in the sky until it’s time to say good night.

The Cat in the Hat's Learning Library

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Who Hatches the Egg?
High? Low? Where Did It Go?
Out of Sight Till Tonight!
Can You See a Chimpanzee?
Fine Feathered Friends
If I Ran the Dog Show
Inside Your Outside!
Is A Camel A Mammal?
Miles and Miles of Reptiles
My, Oh My - a Butterfly!
Oh Say Can You Say
What's the Weather Today? 
Oh, the Pets You Can Get!
Oh, the things you can do
that are good for you!
On Beyond Bugs!
There's a Map on My Lap!
There's No Place Like Space!
What Cat Is That?
Why Oh Why Are Deserts Dry?